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How can I make an account at iPhotoScrap.com?
You can register iPhotoScrap.com at the Signup page. There is no cost to create an account. You can freely make accounts and scrap albums, and post your own photos or scrap photos from other web sites. At the registration, you will need to provide your name, your email address, desired User ID, and password.
Your Name
Your name is displayed only on your profile page. They may include lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and spaces. You can choose a nickname rather than your real name if you want.
Email Address
Your email address is used to send your password to you if you should forget it. And if a comment is added to your photo by other users, its copy will be sent to your email address.
User ID
Your user id is a unique identifier that you will use to login with. It may be up to 16 characters long but a shorter one will be easier for you. It may consist of letters (of any language), numbers, and underscores. User ID is case sensitive.
Your password is used to authenticate yourself when logging in. It is better to include letters, numbers, and other characters for increased security. Passwords are case sensitive which means if you use lowercase or uppercase letters, you must type them in exactly the same way when logging in.
How can I log-in/log-out iPhotoScrap.com?
You can log in iPhotoScrap.com at
Login Page. After login, you can also log out by clicking Logout. For your convience, iPhotoScrap.com will maintain your login status for a week. If you do not want, please don't forget to log out.
Is iPhotoScrap.com free?
Yes. iPhotoScrap.com is maintained by advertising and some other sponsoring facilities.
Does iPhotoScrap.com share users's personal information with anyone else?
No, iPhotoScrap.com does not sell or pubish personal information.
Is my Email address exposed to the public?
No, iPhotoScrap.com does not display your email address to other users. Only you can see your email address at your profile page. Your email address is used in the following two cases: (1) to send your password to you if you should forget it; (2) to send a copy of comment added to your scrap by other users.
What should I do if I forgot the password?
If you have forgotten your password, you can use the
Password Reminder from. Type your email address and click the "send my password" button. Your account(s) information including password will be emailed to the address stored with your account (You should keep in mind not to forget your your email address).
Can I change my email address, name, and/or password?
Yes. After login, you can use Account Update form to chane your email address, your name, AND/OR, your password.
Can I change my User ID?
No. Rather you can make another account with your same email address. iPhotoScrap.com allows you to make multiple accounts with same email address. If you want to make another account, use the registration form.

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What is a friend?
FRIEND is account-based relationship among users. You can give a friendship to another user at your Profile Page (after login). Your friend can see your "PRIVATE" photos. In other words, if you are a friend of someone else, your can see his/her PRIVATE scraps. Using this friendship facility, you and your friends can make a kind of community.
Can I make a fully private album that my friends can not persue?
No with your existing account. But YES. Create a new account (even with your same email). And don't make friendship with anyone else with your new User ID. Create an album and post your scraps. If you set them as 'PRIVATE', only you can see your scraps.

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  Album / Scrap / Upload
What is a scrap?
A SCRAP means a photo directly posted or scrapped from other web site. At the bottom of your own album, you can find "Upload" and "Scrap" form. Using "Upload" form, you can post your own photos from your local drive. Using "Scrap" form, you can post web images from another web pages. If scrapping fails, you can also use "Upload" form giving direct image URL to scrap web images.
What is a 'PRIVATE' scrap?
A PRIVATE photo will not be displayed to the public except album owner's friends. At the time of upload, each photo or scrap is set to 'PUBLIC' (default). You can toggle it to 'PRIVATE' at the thumbnails pages of each album (after login). If you set a scrap as 'PRIVATE', only yourself and logged-in friends can view it.
What is an 'COPYRIGHTED' scrap?
A 'COPYRIGHTED' photo has been set as "copyrighted elsewhere" since it has been claimed to be other's intellectual property. It can't be vewed for anyone unless it is proved to be the poster's own property or to be public domain. It will be deleted in the next database update if the owner do not prove the publicity.
What is an 'ADULT' scrap?
An 'ADULT' photo will not be displayed to the public except the album's owner and members verified as an adult. At the time of upload, each photo or scrap is set to 'NORMAL' (default). You can toggle it to 'ADULT' at the thumbnails pages of each album (after login). If you set a scrap as 'ADULT', you and adult-verified members can see it. (Adult members can get verification from
here.) To protect minors from being exposed to adult materials, iPhotoScrap.com may change your scrap's grade to 'ADULT', if it is inappropriate for minors or children.
How can I view other member's 'ADULT' scraps?
An 'ADULT' scrap will not be displayed to the public. You should be verified as an adult to get privilege to see any adult scraps. Click here to get the Adult Verification.

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Why can't I add a comment?
Only logged-in users can add a comment to a scrap or album. After login, try again. If your are logged in but still can't add a comment, your comment message may contain some script languages such as JavaScript. Remove the script and tray again.
Can I add a comment message in HTML format?
Yes, but in a restricted manner. Due to security and formatting problems, HTML elements such as SCRIPT, FORM, TABLE, TR, TD, and TH will not be allowed in the message. The other HTML elements are allowed.

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When do my scraps appear in search result?
Uploading or scrapping includes indexing process for your photos. If your photo is seen on iPhotoScrap.com, it can be searched with appropriate keywords. iPhotoScrap was built on an IRMS system, KRISTAL, which supports dynamic maintenance of a record and its index simultaneously.
Which fields does iPhotoScrap.com search?
Each search targets the Subject, Description, Album Title, and Tags fields for scraps and Album Title and Album Description fields for albums.
Does iPhotoScrap's search support boolean operators?
iPhotoScrap's search is based on Ranked Boolean retrieval model. Therefore it supports Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. In addition iPhotoScrap's search supports proximity operators such as WITHIN operator (/Wn) and NEAR operator (/Nn).
no operator
If no operator is given among words, AND operator is applied as default. For example, 'racing model' is equivalant to 'racing AND model'.
The AND operator narrows search and retrieve records containing all of the words it seperates. Space between words is regardes as AND boolean operator. Thus 'Tamias sibiricus chipmunk' is equivalant to 'Tamias AND sibiricus AND chipmunk'. The & can be used instead of AND. Finally, 'Tamias AND sibiricus AND chipmunk' == 'Tamias & sibiricus & chipmunk' == 'Tamias sibiricus chipmunk'.
The OR operator broadens search and retrieve records containing any of the words it seperates. The | can be used instead of OR. For example, 'Flamingo OR Flamingoes OR Flamingos' is equivalant to 'Flamingo | Flamingoes | Flamingos'.
The NOT operator narrows search and retrieve records that do not contain the term following it.
The () operator groups words or phrases when combining Boolean phrases and to show the order in which relationships should be considered. For example, 'chipmunk OR (Tamias AND (sibiricus OR minimus))'.
/Wn (within operator)
The /Wn operator finds words within a specified distance n in the order of occurrence. For example, 'racing /W3 model' retrieves records that contain racing and model in the order and within a three word distance. Any number greater than 0 can be used to determine the proximity distance.
/Nn (near operator)
The /Nn operator finds words within a specified radius n in any order. For example, 'racing /N10 model' retrieves records that contain racing and model in any order and within a ten word radius of one another. Any number greater than 0 can be used to determine the proximity radius.( c.f. (racing /N10 model) == ((racing /W10 model) OR (model /W10 racing)). However the first is about two times faster than the latter.)

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What is a TAG?
A TAG is a keyword or term associated with each photo or scrap. It is assigned by iPhotoScrap.com users. Only logged-in user can add a tag to any scrap that she or he can view. Providing tags may improve the search result for your scraps.
Can I add multiple tags at once?
Yes. You can enter several tags separated by seimicolons(;). For example, "Model; Celebrity; Actress" will append tags "Model", "Celebrity", and "Actress" to the tag field. Spaces will be trimmed.

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How can I contact album owner?
Currently you can leave a message by "Adding Comment" after login. A copy of the comment will be sent to the album owner via email. (We are now preparing another messaging interface. Please be patient.)
How can I contact iPhotoScrap.com?
Send a message to iPhotoScrap@@gmail.com.

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  ABOUT iPhotoScrap
About iPhotoScrap.com
iPhotoScrap.com has been run since September 2008. It runs on Dual AMD Opteron machine with 8GB RAM and 300GB HDD. The operating system is Fedora Linux Districution. This site is programmed with PHP and C++ using KRISTAL-IRMS and ImageMagick.

Current Staus of iPhotoScrap.com

  • Scraps: 496,149

  • Albums: 9,427

  • Users: 46,014

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