tag could John G. Adolfi

1925(+1)   1928(+1)   1929(+2)   1930(+1)   1931(+1)   1932(+1)   1933(+2)   Adele Watson(+1)   Andre Luguet(+1)   AndrĂ© Luguet(+1)   Ann Sothern(+1)   Antonio Moreno(+1)   Audrey Ferris(+1)   Beatrice Lillie(+1)   Ben Lyon(+1)   Bert Roach(+1)   Bette Davis(+2)   Betty Compson(+1)   Bobby Agnew(+1)   Burr McIntosh(+1)   Charles E. Evans(+2)   Charles Evans(+2)   Chester Morris(+1)   Claire McDowell(+1)   Clara Bow(+1)   Claude Gillingwater(+1)   Compromised(+1)   Delmar Watson(+1)   Dick Powell(+1)   Donald Cook(+1)   Douglas Fairbanks Jr.(+1)   Douglass Dumbrille(+1)   Dudley Digges(+1)   Eddie Gribbon(+1)   Edgar Norton(+1)   Edmund Breese(+1)   Edward Van Sloan(+1)   Emma Dunn(+1)   Evalyn Knapp(+1)   Fancy Baggage(+1)   Florence Arliss(+1)   Florence Britton(+1)   Florence Crawford(+1)   Frank Fay(+1)   Frank W. Pyle(+1)   Fred Howard(+1)   Frederick Burton(+1)   Gaston Glass(+1)   George Arliss(+3)   George Fawcett(+1)   Gordon Westcott(+1)   Grant Withers(+1)   H.B. Warner(+1)   Hallam Cooley(+1)   Hank Mann(+1)   Hardie Albright(+1)   Hedda Hopper(+1)   Helen Ferguson(+1)   Helene Costello(+1)   Hobart Bosworth(+1)   Ivan F. Simpson(+1)   Ivan Simpson(+1)   J. Farrell MacDonald(+1)   Jack House(+1)   Jack Santoro(+1)   Jacqueline Frazer(+1)   James Bell(+1)   James Cagney(+1)   Joan Blondell(+1)   John Barrymore(+1)   John G. Adolfi(9)   Johnnie Walker(+1)   Juliette Compton(+1)   lobby card(+2)   Loretta Young(+1)   Louise Closser Hale(+1)   Louise Mackintosh(+1)   Lucille La Verne(+1)   Marian Nixon(+1)   Marjorie Gateson(+1)   Martha Francis(+1)   Mary Astor(+1)   Maude Bash Haefler(+1)   Murray Kinnell(+1)   Myrna Loy(+3)   Noel Madison(+1)   O.P. Heggie(+1)   Oscar Apfel(+1)   Otto Hoffman(+1)   Pat Hartigan(+1)   Pat Wing(+1)   Patricia Ellis(+1)   Paul Kreuger(+1)   Paul Kruger(+1)   Purnell B. Pratt(+1)   Purnell Pratt(+1)   Ray Gallagher(+1)   Ray Milland(+1)   Richard Barthelmess(+1)   Robert Agnew(+1)   Robert Edeson(+1)   Robert Frazer(+1)   Rose Hobart(+1)   Ruth Clifford(+1)   Ruth Stonehouse(+1)   Ruthelma Stevens(+1)   Show of Shows(+1)   silent film(+1)   Sinners' Holiday(+1)   Spencer Bell(+1)   The King's Vacation(+1)   The Man Who Played God(+1)   The Midnight Taxi(+1)   The Scarlet West(+1)   The Show of Shows(+1)   The Working Man(+1)   Theodore Newton(+1)   Tom Dugan(+1)   Vernon Steele(+1)   Viola Dana(+1)   Violet Heming(+1)   Virginia Sale(+2)   Wallace MacDonald(+1)   Walter McGrail(+1)   Warren Hymer(+1)   We Three(+1)   William Bakewell(+1)   William Courtenay(+1)   William Hauber(+1)   William Janney(+1)   William Russell(+1)  
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